Baseball Sprint Speed Training

If you are looking to sprint faster, this is the program for you. Teach your body to work the correct way to improve your speed for base stealing, field coverage and time trials. Use a program designed by people that work with the best sprinters in the world to improve your game.

Get Baseball Sprint Speed!

Increase Speed

Get faster on the base path and take that extra base.

Improve Strength

Drills from the track to convert new strength into speed.

Learn the Science

Gain understanding of how the little things add up to lightning speed.


“I’ve tried a lot of programs over the years to increase my player’s  speed, and this is the first program that the team really bought into.  They became really competitive with it and their speed increased both on the base path and in the field . We also found that the rate of injury in our players decreased significantly.  I can’t say enough about this program and the staff at ADS.”

Robbie Frank, Central High School Baseball Coach


"Our son has been working with Dr. Phil Plisky and ADS for over a year now. Dr Plisky’s expertise in the field of performance systems has helped elevate our son as a three sport athlete. We have seen our son go from one of the slowest on the baseball and basketball teams to one of the fastest. Even though still in junior high, high school coaches are recognizing his advancement in strength, agility, speed and quickness. Our son has been able to maximize his results because of his work ethic and dedication to the program specifically designed for him by Dr. Phil Plisky and ADS." 

Mindy H., parent

"Plain and simple: I wish I met Phil Plisky and the team at ADS earlier in my coaching career. The information and guidance I have learned from them would have enhanced my teachings at the college level when I coached at Notre Dame and other universities, but still a great importation to implement to my high school program at the present time."

Scott Lawler, Director of Athletics/Head Baseball Coach, Benet Academy


Can we help you get faster?

Yes, we can!  We developed this program based on the same methods we use with Olympic sprinters.  We utilize a combination of teaching proper body mechanics, adding power, and developing sprinting skills to increase speed.  Those same principles work whether you're running on the track or on the baseball field.  Let us help you get faster!

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