Foundation Running Program

The Foundation Running Program is designed for runners just starting out their journey or maybe just running a few days a week but looking to get more out of it.  The focus is to help the body move in the directions needed with the strength required of running.  It is designed to help you run better so you will get more out of every step.  Start this at any time in training and you will benefit by feeling better, running further and maybe going faster. 

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No Experience Necessary

Specifically designed for people who are in the early stages of their running journey

Whole Body Movement

Designed with whole body movement in mind -- upper body, lower body, core, and feet

Easy to Follow 

2 workouts per week in an easy to follow format with video instruction for each workout


Get the Foundation Running Program!

"I became a runner to lose weight, but it soon became a part of who I am. I signed up for some races and then I was hooked. I first met Dr. Arnold with some knee pain that was something easy to fix, but in the process he looked at my whole body and how it moved and thought about how this impacted my running mechanics. Exercises to make me symmetric and strong helped me to reach my goal and now the bar is set even higher."

Erin A. 

Have you tried our Running Prep Program?

This 2-week movement prep course is designed to prepare your body for more.  It provides a base that will allow you to get more out of our Foundation Running Program that is focused to make you a better runner. 

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All Runners Experience Similar Issues

We know from our decades of experience that all runners experience similar issues in their running journey.  This is especially true if your just starting out.  In the beginning stages, runners often experience issues with mobility, strength, and muscle firing patterns.  We designed this program to focus on those specific issues

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