Endure Running Program

If you are logging the big miles in preparation for a marathon or ultramarathon, the Endure Running Program is written for you.   With higher repetition of exercises but not a high expectation of your time, it focuses on movement patterns and whole-body strength needed to correct common asymmetries and weaknesses found in distance runners. Completion of this program in the first half of your training cycle will help get you to your finish line.

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Long Distance Specific

Developed for the specific training needs of half marathon, marathon, and ultra marathon runners

Whole Body Training

Designed to strengthen the entire body to develop the endurance needed for long distance running

 Correcting Asymmetries

Focused on correcting common asymmetries and weaknesses in distance runners


Get the Endure Running Program!

"My goal was to complete a marathon and not question my decision after the last miles.  I leaned on Scott to get me prepared for the event with not only my running program, but also body prep work he designed for me.  I had a great day and have since done additional half and full marathons. "

Brian L.


It All Starts With Prep

Running is great and we here at ADS love it.  It is great for lots of reasons – minimal required gear, can be done anywhere in the world, doesn’t require lots of time and makes us feel great. But it can be even better for you by spending a little time on your body to help it move properly.  This 2-week movement prep program is designed to get your body moving in the planes required for good running and ready for our Endure Running Program to help you become a better runner.

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Long Distance Runners Have Different Training Needs

The training needs of marathon and ultra marathon runners are different from other runners.  The extreme distances require whole body mobility and strength in order to have the endurance to complete the race.  Our Endure Running Program is designed to fit easily into the beginning of the training cycle for your next big race.

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