Running Gait Analysis

With Todd Arnold, M.D.

Running gait analysis aids runners of all levels in reducing injuries and enhancing performance. Gold Standard testing, while comprehensive, can be complex and expensive, creating barriers for many runners.

Two-dimensional video analysis, on the other hand, is a more accessible solution, identifying specific limitations at a lower cost. With three decades of experience in sports medicine working with runners from all walks of life, Dr. Arnold offers insight based on world-class runners and research to analyze your submitted video.

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Identify Biomechanical Issues

Running injuries are common and although injuries are certainly multifactorial most experts agree running biomechanics play a role on those injuries.


The 'Gold Standard' in gait analysis requires a lab visit and can be costly and time-consuming.  Our analysis  will identify your major issues in a more accessible and affordable way.

Decrease Injury Risk

Running form varies for everyone. Research shows certain factors can lead to injuries and affect performance. We aim to pinpoint these issues and offer tips to prevent injuries.

What does gait analysis look like?

Watch this video for a sample of what gait analysis includes.


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