You Don't Have to Be a Pro to Train Like One

Our goal is to make you better . . faster on the diamond, PR as a runner, better on the mountain, or overall a better athlete.  Our training programs are based on science and decades of experience training the best athletes in the world. 


Training Programs

Up your game with these comprehensive training programs.

Baseball Sprint Speed

This program is designed to teach the body how to move correctly and add muscle firing patterns to help you achieve your top speed.


Softball Sprint Speed

This program is designed specifically for softball players  -- developed by females for females to help you get faster on the field.


Pitcher Readiness (Free)

This program was developed to help pitchers prepare the arm and body for focused activity.


Pitcher Performance & Durability

This program is designed to help pitchers perform at their best.


Mountain Ready

Whether you're planning to ski twice a week for the whole season or have planned an epic trip, this is where to begin.


Running Prep

This free 2-week program is designed to provide a base that will help you to get more out of our other running programs. 


Foundation Running

This program is designed for runners just starting their journey or those running a few days each week.


Personal Best 

Whether you're looking to improve your time in your next race or run farther, this program will help you reach your goal.


Endure Running

This program is for the runners that love extreme distances -- marathons or ultra marathons.


Gait Analysis

Running gait analysis aids runners of all levels in reducing injuries and enhancing performance.


Making Athletes Better is Our Passion

We have trained athletes from many different sports and almost all of them started in a unique place. In building these programs, we have considered this so that you can get as much out of them as possible.   Our experience, knowledge and expertise is poured into these programs, offering you our best.

We have created these programs based on the latest science that we use at the highest level of professional sport to improve athleticism and specific sport skills.  We want to give your position and skill coaches the best athlete possible so that when they coach well, the best performance can be experienced.  If you invest effort into how your body works you will be rewarded with success.


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Meet Our Team

We are a group of clinicians, most of us with greater than 20 years of experience caring for athletes. With this we believe that all athletes should be able to move in very specific ways that allow each individual to take advantage of the gifts they have been given. These are patterns of movement that are achieved as we transition from babies to walking, twisting, turning, jumping athletes. Each of us brings experience from our individual training and experience caring for athletes to build a cohesive program to help you.


"Dr. Arnold and Scott were able to work with my daughter to help her correct her body and running mechanics to help her transition from high school to college.  Now she has completed 2 collegiate seasons with continued improvement.  Great to work with the best."

- Sheila B., mother of collegiate soccer player

"Dr. Arnold’s ability to practically apply his vast medical knowledge to the nuance of a runner is truly unique.  He quickly moves beyond “band-aid therapy” to diagnose the true cause of an injury and then works with the athlete to maintain as much fitness as possible while rehabbing and getting back to full health.  He’s breaking the traditional mold of seeing a doctor and then having a follow up appointment 1, 2 or 3 weeks later.  A lot can happen between doctor appointments and Dr. Arnold’s eagerness to stay connected allows for close to real time feedback which often results in the runner returning to full training quicker and stronger than would otherwise be the case.  I trust him to train my kids."

- Bob Kennedy, 1992 and 1996 Olympian - 5000m

"After multiple injuries that were limiting my potential as a runner, Dr. Arnold worked with me to find my limitations and give me corrections.  His program got me back on track and I have since set a personal best in a half marathon and have. my sights set on a qualifying marathon."

- Delaney S., former collegiate runner, now mom of 3

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