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Can anyone be faster?

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Is it possible to become faster? Absolutely! Our program has been developed using the same techniques that we employ with Olympic sprinters. We utilize a blend of educating on correct body mechanics, boosting power, and honing sprinting skills to enhance speed. These principles are effective whether you're sprinting on a track or a softball field. Allow us to assist you in increasing your speed!

 Jenna:  Okay Todd, so what would you tell the athlete that has been told they're slow, or knows from doing sprints or doing anything with their team, who comes in last, for that athlete that feels slower than the rest of the team or rest of their peers -- is it possible for them to get faster?  Is it a question of genetics?

Todd:  Some people are fast and some people are slow, and you know, you get what you got kind of thing. It's definitely a mix of that. I wish I could say that we can make everybody the fastest in the world, but we can't. There's going to be other people that are genetically gifted that are just going to be faster. It's how long their tibia is versus their femur and where their strength comes from. But people can be faster. And I think that doing a program that comes from the elite sprinters, the way that they train, if we can have people that aren't the fastest on the team train like those people that are elite, they'll develop the muscles, they'll develop some skills that will actually make them faster. And I think of sprinting as a skill.  I think of catching a ball as a skill and throwing the ball.  We don't have you stand back 15 ft. and have me smoke one at you when you're five years old and try and catch it.  You wouldn't have success. You probably would pick a different sport. But if I teach you how to do it and then it gets faster and faster, well, that's what sprinting is, is it's a skill. And if we can teach your body to work the way it's supposed to, then put some power into the ground, you will get faster. It may not be the fastest on the team, but you're going to be faster.

Jenna:  Absolutely. That's great.

If you're looking to get faster on the softball diamond, check out our Softball Sprint Speed training program.  It's developed for female athletes by females.