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Considerations for Warming Up

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When you're warming up to be able to go on the mound to start, it's important to think of the whole body. Pitching is not just a shoulder or an elbow exercise. It involves the body from the ground up. Your foot produces the force, and that force transfers all the way from your foot to the ball when you throw.  So I really want to warm up the whole body.  You start on one end of the spectrum and progress to the other side of the spectrum.

For example, you start with light activity,  and progress by increasing the intensity to dynamic stretching.  Dynamic stretching will start to elevate your heart rate, which prepares you for what I like to call ballistic activities.  Those are activities that look more like throwing rather than stretching.  Another thing to consider in warming up is whether or not you have any movement faults that need to be corrected.  The warm up is a good time to start correcting those limitations at low intensity and progressing to a higher intensity.  Using this kind of approach during your warm up will help prepare your body to be able to throw at a high velocity.

Our Pitcher Readiness program contains the readiness activities that you need during your warm-up sessions.  The program is free and you can access it here


Nathan Denning, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, Nathan is the owner and physical therapist of Integrated Performance in Carmel, IN. He has extensive experience working with professional athletes including his time as a physical therapist and reconditioning specialist for the Minnesota Twins. He has rehabbed and trained hundreds of athletes from all organizations including: MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, Olympic athletes, PGA, and members from our Special Operations.