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The Importance of Consistency

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One of the primary goals for most pitchers is to gain velocity.  A key element of gaining velo is consistency.  After all, goals can't be achieved without consistency.  The pitchers that can throw hard, throw a lot. They also train a lot, but they're doing it in a very specific manner.  Their training is focused not just on developing strength.  They also focus on muscle recovery and restoration so that they're able to "stay in the game".  By being consistent in their training, they don't have to take time off because they're injured. They don't have to stop because they're too sore. They're doing it in a very specific manner where they have ups and downs and they're recovering to their fullest so that they can perform at their fullest as well.

Their program consists of everything from training in the weight room to speed development to throwing out on the field. For instance, if you're long tossing every day, you don't have time to recover to be able to long toss the next day. Long toss is very important to gain velo but you have to be able to do that consistently throughout the year to gain that velo. Because they have time built in for restoration and recovery on a consistent basis, they don't miss time because they're fully recovering to get to be able to throw again.  That consistency week after week, month after month, year after year, helps them build that velo that they're trying to gain.

Our Pitcher Performance & Durability program is designed for consistency.  It focuses on readiness, restoration, and development, and will help you stay healthy in order keep you on the field. You can learn more about the program here.


Nathan Denning, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, Nathan is the owner and physical therapist of Integrated Performance in Carmel, IN. He has extensive experience working with professional athletes including his time as a physical therapist and reconditioning specialist for the Minnesota Twins. He has rehabbed and trained hundreds of athletes from all organizations including: MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, Olympic athletes, PGA, and members from our Special Operations.