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The Mountain is Demanding

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The mountain is demanding, are you ready to answer?  

Skiing and snowboarding ask a lot of your mind and body. The terrain, the slope, other people, changing surfaces . . . you cannot change any of those things, but you can change your body. The more the body is ready for the mountain the easier your mind will handle the complex input it is receiving, and your days will be more rewarding, fun and you will feel better on that multiple day trip.  

Strength in your legs will help you be Mountain Ready but some simple mobility will also make you more resilient.  

Most people have limited thoracic mobility.  We sit a bunch through the day or even if we have a standing desk we lean forward to work on the computer.  The mid portion of our back gets “fixed” in this flexed position (think about all the times your grandma told you to sit up straight!). Limitations in extension also limit rotation which you will do like a gazillion times each day on the slopes. This is a simple but powerful correction to help your spine move the way it is designed for both extension and rotation.  

Core control is also crucial.  Each turn asks your middle section to stay in one place while the legs absorb the energy and your upper body moves to keep your torso over the edge and a yard sale is averted.  A good plank position is created and then rotation around that solid core is then generated with this exercise, one of our favorites for great core control. 

Lower extremity strength is demanded for a successful day on the mountain.  You can head to the gym and do leg presses to increase quad strength, which indeed will help.  We like to make it better for you and more sport specific by having you do a decline squat.  This mimics the position you will be in while riding, only requires body weight and can be done anywhere. 

You will end up in some vulnerable positions because of a mogul, deep powder, or even someone making a turn right in front of you.  Your response is dictated by your strength and mobility.  The little (and big) moves you do before you even get to the first chair will help you get out of that moment and will help you to feel your best at the end of the day or on the last day of a long trip.  This is one of those really specific moves we like to incorporate to a whole-body mountain preparation program for our athletes.

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