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Using a Massage Gun

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Massage guns are great implements to be able to use for soft tissue restoration and recovery.  To get the most bang for our buck while using them, make sure to work through the full range of motion of the area you're working on.  For example, if you're using the massage gun on your quad,  straighten your leg out and bend your knee back and forth.  After a workout or game, muscles may get a little hyperactive, wanting to fire a little bit too much.  Using the massage gun to apply pressure to the muscle and going through the full range of motion helps relax that muscle quite a bit. So the best way to use to use a  massage gun would be to go through the range of motion of whatever muscle that you are working on.


Nathan Denning, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, Nathan is the owner and physical therapist of Integrated Performance in Carmel, IN. He has extensive experience working with professional athletes including his time as a physical therapist and reconditioning specialist for the Minnesota Twins. He has rehabbed and trained hundreds of athletes from all organizations including: MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, Olympic athletes, PGA, and members from our Special Operations.