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What makes Pitcher Performance & Durability different?

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I often get asked, "How is this program different?"  I totally get that question because it seems there are so many programs out there that a new one pops up every day.   Our program is different because it is created by the professionals who work with the elite in professional sports.  When we do that, we get to apply the science and everything we've learned from our two decades of experience and take it to all athletes.  That's what makes this program different.  But on top of that, I'm a dad of four boys who understands what it takes to be a student athlete and how hard it is in the schedules and the busyness to get things implemented.  So we also make this program very practical, very clear to follow, so you know exactly what to do. The cool thing is, there is a money back guarantee. because all we want is to see your athlete succeed, to see you succeed as an athlete, and that is our ultimate goal.  So give it a try.