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Why do we have separate sprint speed programs for baseball and softball?

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Look around on the field.  Each body is at least a little different, sometimes more than a little different.  Think about how differently you move now than how you did a few years ago.  Bigger, stronger bodies can  move faster but not always better.  While sprinting for baseball and softball are similar, the different bodies of each gender need to be trained differently. Exercises prescribed for boys may actually have a detrimental impact on girls. This is why two different sprinting programs have been created.  Many of the early corrections focusing on mobility and movement patterns are the same.  These serve as the base for the body to move appropriately for the upcoming challenge of high speed running.  When the strength and resilience exercises are added they will frequently have variations that are believed to be better for specific athletes.  We have taken the time to differentiate these and ask that you pay attention to the exercises with the same level of detail.  We know you want to be better.  Helping you get better is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

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